A Quick Look at Gruber Law, a Milwaukee Personal Injury Attorney

According to Avvo - there are 391 personal injury attorneys in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.

And according to Google, there are about 956,406 people living in Milwaukee County.

So, a little quick math gives us 1 lawyer per 2,578 people in Milwaukee County. That seems about right, but time will tell as I look at more markets across the country.

Next stop is census​.gov to take a look at the high level demographics of Milwaukee County:

  • 51.8% Female
  • 64.8% White Alone 
  • 27.2% Black/African American Alone
  • 14.8% Hispanic/Latino

Politically correct marketers don't feel comfortable making racial assumptions based on pictures, but I guarantee that at some level - potential clients do make race and gender based decisions.

In case you haven't heard, race and gender are real issues in the USA. I tallied most of the Avvo list, and by my reckoning, Milwaukee area lawyers are about 85% male, and about 95% white. I'm not going to protest sex and race disparities in the PI legal world here now, but you need to understand that if you are a white male PI lawyer (and you probably are), you're going to have to figure out some way to meaningfully differentiate yourself for your potential clients who aren't your race or gender, and don't trust you.

Back to Avvo - One Advertiser?

Avvo has 40 pages of PI lawyers listed in Milwaukee and there's only one major advertiser I can find - Jon Groth. Great work standing out Mr. Groth. If I'm hurt, and I've made it to Avvo, you're going to get noticed.

For all the people who don't know about Avvo, or haven't been referred to a lawyer by their neighbor or 2nd cousin, we need to take a look at Google.

Google Map Results

Doing a quick Google search for "Milwaukee Personal Injury Lawyer" yields this map, and an obvious first choice:

On Desktop, if you click on "More Places" - you'll see that Gruber is also the only advertiser for the top map spot. On mobile, it doesn't require a click.

Google is now selling the top spot in the maps results as an ad. Seriously, it's 7:20pm right now in Milwaukee on a Tuesday and nobody is competing with Gruber for that top spot in Google Maps? When do you think people are getting in car wrecks? Possibly on the drive home? Wow.

And if you are PKSD - you really need to deal with those 4 unhappy reviewers. Those reviews will cause some damage.​

Google is telling the searcher that Gendlin Liverman & Rymer are "closed now." I guess they don't want any calls. Amazing.

Are you aligning your AdWords campaigns with your office schedule or the schedules of potential clients? Since you're not advertising there, Gruber Law is getting all the calls for PI law in Milwaukee because everyone else is closed, has bad reviews, or is simply not listed.

So, let's go and see what's happening over at Gruber Law​ since he's the only guy taking calls when people get in wrecks.

Quick Gruber Law Overview

Below is a quick snapshot of Mr. Gruber's website - and there's Mr. Gruber - smiling at us like almost all of you PI lawyers love to do. His promise stands out -  "One Call...That's All!" - but I ask myself - "what does that mean? One call for what? One call to get my case handled and settled? Huh?"

I suppose that means it only takes a quick call to get my case rolling and all signed up, but it's a little bit confusing.

The trust seals across the bottom of the image - Top Trial Lawyers, SuperLawyers, Top 40 under 40, etc. - all look appealing, but I don't see any explanation of their meaning. How are they relevant to me as an injured person? Are they still applicable? I'm not convinced Mr. Gruber is still under 40, so is that claim still viable? Linking these seals would help, but perhaps a dedicated page explaining them would be better.  

He's also running an Apex Chat popup (that I closed down, and not shown here), but the trigger was way too sensitive at about the 3 second mark. I get it - he wants to grab that contact info, but let me catch my breath first.

Scrolling down a little further - we get to his personal video. I only lasted until the 24 second mark because it was so boring, and, frankly, kind of weird. It was just so right up in my face and personal, and I didn't enjoy it.

As well, he's got the video on a hosted Wistia server which is a great video hosting platform - but why on earth does he open the video on a full size 2nd window?

One of the cool Wistia features is the ability to collect contact info in exchange for watching the video - why not try and grab it right there? You've got the tool, might as well use it. Missed opportunity.

Scrolling down a little further, I happen to find a "Breaking News" section (that's another Apex Chat popup invading the screen by the way) with a video snapshot of what appears to be Aaron Rodgers talking to Mr. Gruber...

​Wait - Aaron Rodgers? Now this is interesting - but if it's "BREAKING NEWS!" - what the heck is it doing way down low? It should be on some kind of super top ticker like a news site would run, because clicking on the video and finding itsAaron, was a game changer...

itsAaron is AWESOME:

Well done Mr. Gruber. This is great content. But why did you bury it? Especially if it's "BREAKING NEWS"? Curious about that. And why aren't you hosting the video on your Wistia platform to gather contact info from people watching it and gleaning more insights about how you can help them? Another missed opportunity.

Competitive Response Ideas:

I know you PI lawyers can only take so much, so I'll wrap this up for now. Here are a few takeaways:

  1. Change your office hours to 24/7 and stop letting Mr. Gruber get all the calls.
  2. Don't copy Mr. Gruber's Apex Chat 3 second popup.
  3. If you're going to do a personal video - make it cool and real like itsAaron.
  4. If you're going to make video as cool as itsAaron, make a really big deal about it.
  5. Ditch the black pin stripe suit, and red tie in your face videos. Over rehearsed delivery doesn't build trust. 
  6. Consider a catch phrase, they're catchy after all, but make it meaningful.
  7. Look for opportunities to buy great ad slots where the competition is thin.
  8. Hire Injury Gap to uncover and seize opportunities to deliver cases.

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