A quick look at Daniel Kim Law, an Orange County Personal Injury Attorney

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According to Avvo - there are 1,326 personal injury attorneys in Orange County, California - the home of Anaheim and world class tourist attractions like Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm.

And according to Google, there are about 3,146,000 people living in Orange County, CA.

So, a little quick math gives us 1 lawyer per 2,372 people in Orange County. That puts Orange County right between Milwaukee and Pinellas County on a PI lawyer per capita basis.

Next stop is census​.gov to take a look at a few high level demographics of Orange County:

  • 44.1% White - not Hispanic or Latino
  • 2.1% African American Alone
  • 20.4% Asian Alone
  • 34.3% Hispanic/Latino

As in other posts, I won't get into the merits of racial diversity or cultural issues we face when diversity exists or does not. I will contend, however, that race is a dominant narrative in our culture and as a marketer to the general public, you've got to be aware of the makeup of your market and make adjustments if you want people to hire you.

So, what we have to deal with in Orange County is a massive population comprised of 3 major race classifications. Should be fun. 

Instead of starting with Avvo, as I did in the past couple posts, I wanted to take a look at Yelp and see what it looks like.

Daniel Kim is the main Yelp advertiser

Yelp has 154 pages of PI lawyers listed in Orange County and The Daniel Kim Law Firm stands out prominently. Here's his listing with some great features highlighted above the fold:

  1. 246 reviews and a 5 star rating seems fairly impossible. That's about 70 more reviews than the next firm, but no matter how he got there, the profile does stand out.
  2. Request Consultation call-to-action on Yelp. This is a no-brainer feature.
  3. Open 24 hours. Excellent. When case value potential is literally unlimited, why would you ever dictate when your potential clients can call you? Get an answering service if you're in bed, sheesh.

Given the prominence of the profile, there are some major differentiating factors that I'd add to the profile somehow - perhaps in the photos? For example (I found these facts buried on his About page): 

  1. He speaks Korean fluently.
  2. He is a decorated US Army Veteran
  3. He is committed to community service

Google Map Results

Doing a long tail Google search for "korean language injury lawyer in orange county ca" yields a few really lame and untargeted ads at the top and this map, where nothing stands out:​

I mean - look at those listings! There's no link for "More Places" - Google can barely scrape these three together, and these listings are really bad. Kring & Chung are "General Practice," Sonny Koo has no reviews and closes at 5pm, and JML Law has bad reviews and closes at 5pm. Lame.

Mr. Kim should be resolving in a search like this. Frankly, I'm reasonably shocked that I couldn't find his site with this specific search. 

Where is Mr. Kim in Google?

When I typed in the site he has listed on Yelp - dkimlaw.com - it temporarily failed to redirect, and then resolved to usaccidentlawyer.com. So, something is goofy there, and that's the first red flag.

I went to my trusty Ahrefs account and found this:

What this looks like to me is that Mr. Kim decided to "upgrade" his old domain at dkimlaw.com to the much more generic usaccidentlawyer.com, and did it just recently.

This kind of thing can work, but it's ridiculously risky. Who knows what kind of reputation usaccidentlawyer.com had? Sexy, vanity domains like his new one acquire baggage over time. I would never recommend setting a permanent redirect like this. At best, build a new site behind the new domain, maintain both of them, and slowly migrate to the new one. 

Here's the front page of his site:

The site looks dated, has a weird looking slider with stock images, and generic text. There's only one entry on his blog, and it's disjointed. The content is super shallow.

There's an issue with his office locations as well. As background, I see, on a highly regular basis, attorneys who advertise multiple locations. Oftentimes, these are executive suites or just a pay-per-use conference room. In addition to being an SEO technique, the strategy can make sense because it is usually well worth the time to travel to meet clients closer to their location. In Mr. Kim's case, I'm inclined to recommend transparency about the strategy and instead of advertising 10 locations in flashy high rise buildings, offer to meet clients at any one of these 10 locations as needed.

In all, the website is in need of a revamp and serious overhaul to compete in a major market like Orange County - esp. if he wants to get be found in Google.

What about Facebook? 

​Sadly, Mr. Kim apparently abandoned the Facebook page a couple years ago. The only freshness is a very negative review from May 2017. Dang.

Social platforms are an amazing way to show people that you really do care and convey a sense of engagement.  Mr Ehline from Los Angeles gives a perfect example​ on Yelp of how engagement works, and I encourage Mr. Kim to respond similarly in Facebook:

Perhaps Mr. Kim's Yelp profile and offline efforts I can't see are generating plenty of cases. Or perhaps he's running display ads or native ads somewhere than are hard to detect. I would definitely be expanding my foundation to diversify from Yelp, if that truly is the only online platform referring leads because the internet is fickle, and platforms come and go.

Competitive Response Ideas:

Here are a few takeaways:

  1. Office contact hours should be 24/7.
  2. If you get a bad review in social media - respond to it reasonably. Don't assume the reviewer is legitimate, but don't freak out or say anything you'll regret later.
  3. Avoid "upgrading" your domain in one fell swoop.
  4. Websites require ongoing maintenance. They are hard and take time, and they become outdated. Keep them fresh with good content and clients will respond.
  5. Think of unique skills and differentiators you have and ways you can connect with groups of people in your region, and make a big deal about them.
  6. Don't overreach with unnecessary extra office locations.
  7. Don't abandon your Facebook page and be careful of relying on one site or platform too much.
  8. Hire Injury Gap to uncover and seize opportunities to deliver cases.

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