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Injury Gap does a lot of heavy lifting, but there are a few things we don't do...

Web Development

Injury Gap assumes that you've got a web developer already and we're happy to work together. We can recommend someone if you need a new developer, and give good advice about best practices, but we're not going to take over your day to day site maintenance... We may update this strategy later, but not yet.

There's going to be some overlap, of course, so, we can discuss your situation. ​

Directory Link Maintenance

You have, or you should have, directory listings from all the major legal directories like Avvo, Justia, HG, FindLaw, Yelp, YellowPages, and so on. 

Maintaining these listings is best handled by permanent, employed staff or 3rd party services that specialize in it. 

We will, however, evaluate whether their advertising offers make sense relative to the overall strategy.

Content Writing

While we do get involved in strategy about what to write, we're not going to create the new content for you within our regular service contract. 

We will assist in helping identify suitable local writers who can help you with this task at an affordable rate.

We will help guide a writer in creation of good quality content.

Offline Advertising

We're not going to get involved in offline advertising efforts.

Examples include TV, Radio, billboards, local magazines, newspapers, print yellow pages,​ high school sports programs, local charities, race sponsorships, and similar opportunities.

We love a lot of these offline ideas (and loathe others), but we just don't handle them.​